Add Ddj- Rb Controller To Mixxx

Add Songs To Myspace. Pasalamat Songs. Free Service - Broadcasting With Mixxx. Mixxx and select the songs you want to play as a playlist. Onto the AutoDJ option in the left hand menu as illustrated. To start with, just click on ' ' icon and then drag and drop any music file or playlist from Spotify to Sidify adding window. Step 2 Choose Output. From Suitcase To DDJ-SB Case Shared with DJ Techtools over the weekend was a quick, fun way to make a quality case for DJ controllers. The mind behind the unique case is DJ Cannon, an Alabama-based mobile DJ – which makes sense, because mobile DJs are always having to move their gear around and want to keep it well protected while doing so.

  1. Ddj Rb Drivers

OBS Studio is free and open sourcesoftware for video recording and live streaming, available on Windows,Linux and Mac.

Download and install OBS Studio

Installing on Windows

The Windows release of OBS Studio supports Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. Theinstallation is done via the usuall windows installer.

Installing on Mac

Just follow the instructions from the official download page.

MacOS users that manage packages with Homebrew can also be install with:

Installing on Linux

The Linux release is available officially for Ubuntu 18.04 and newer.FFmpeg is required.

Ddj Rb Drivers

After installing FFmpeg, install OBS Studio using:

You can find more information about building and installing OBS Studioon other Linux distroshere.

Setting up the scene with OBS Studio

When you first start OBS Studio, a default scene will be created andthere will be also no sources setup as shown here:

Once scene you could create is by inserting a picture or a screencastfrom Mixxx.

  • If you want to insert a picture, just click on the '+' and select'Image'.
  • If you want to insert a screencast, just click on the '+' and select'Screen Capture'

Do not forget to also insert the audio input from Mixxx by clicking onthe '+' and selecting audio input.

A scene could look like this:

Video and streaming settings


OBS Studio is able to stream to a lot of services, but also stream to alocal rtmp server or just make a file output.

Settings -> Output

Here you can find and adjust the settings if you are recording or'streaming' to an rtmp server. Using nginx with rtmp should make itpossible to setup this quite easily.

If you use docker, Tiangolo has provided an image with a ready-madesolution for a server with rtmp module -tiangolo/nginx-rtmp

Settings -> Video

Here you can make basic settings about the canvas (your scene) and thefps.

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