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Inicio » Firmware » Queime Android 4.2 Jelly Bean para 9 polegadas PC Allwinner A13 Tablet. Agora, fazer o download do firmware ( 9in A13 4.2.2 Android ). TABLET ALLWINNER A13 64-BITS DRIVER DOWNLOAD. Tablet schematic, 1bios pc laptop repair. Pc allwinner a13, call tablet. Livesuit windows.

If you have problem with not working touch screen on generic tablets after flashing incompatible firmware, try this solution.

This procedure reflash Jelly Bean firmware to an A13 Allwinner/Wintouch generic tablets and making touch screen works.

Allwinner A10 Firmware

This procedure works for me. Try it on your own risk.

Brand: Allwinner
CPU hardware: sun5i
CPU model: ARMv7 Processor(VFPv3,NEON)
GPU: Mali-400 MP
RAM: 353 MB

Download files: – FaaastJB-v2.5

Allwinner Firmware

Download – FaaastJB-v2.5


You need to have ADB installed before proceeding.
1. Flash FaaastJB with Livesuit 1.11
2. Wait for tablet to boot and load!


Steps to make Touch Screen work.

  1. Download This file
  2. Connect your tablet to PC
  3. Extract all content from TS MODULE archive to a directory
  4. Execute run.bat
  5. After press any key dialog the tablet will reboot

If you have inverted gsensor you will need to edit this file /system/usr/gsensor.cfg look for your gsensor name (in my case, mxc622x) and edit like this:

A13 Firmware Download

Android jelly bean download

Q8 Allwinner A13

gsensor direct x = true
gsensor direct y = false
gsensor direct z = false
gsensor xy revert = false


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