App Game Kit 2.0.13

App Game Kit 2.0.13
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App game kit 2
  • AppGameKit is a great cross platform development tool. It allows developers to quickly optimize and compile apps.
  • My game 'Na4' would have been much much more difficult using any other Game Development option. Coding it in AppGameKit was a breeze.
  • Has absolutely revolutionised the way I put out content. I can take an idea from my head and turn it into a working, marketable product within weeks rather than months. 100% would recommend.
  • I have used many game making tools and none of them come close to AppGameKit!
  • AppGameKit is the single best option for quickly coding, testing and deploying games for mobile platforms.
  • AppGameKit is easy to use, but powerful enough to give some really great results. Support and community is 2nd to none as well. AppGameKit is simply awesome.
  • I love AppGameKit! Not only is it great fun to use, but I can sell my creations across multiple platforms! Thank you TheGameCreators! You're the BEST!
  • AppGameKit gives me the freedom to develop games the way I want and to not be limited to complicated visual editors.
  • AppGameKit has made it possible for me to make my games in an easy to understand language and generate instant results. The powerful software even handles all signing for android apk's not requiring any additional software installed. The fact it can also export to iOS and HTML5 as default just makes this a wonderful and cost effective piece of software that all ages can use.
  • I'm an engineer, a very perfectionist guy, and I haven't had a software tool so well produced as AppGameKit is for ages!

App Game Kit 2

App Game Kit

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