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Earlier this month we were fortunate to host an interactive HR Leadership workshop for Visier customers, led by father of modern HR and leading business consultant Dave Ulrich. Leveraging proprietary assessments administered by Korn Ferry to C-suite candidates over a period of more than 10 years, Ulrich and Filler looked at the prevalence of 14.

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Dave Ulrich Introduces HR Transformation

Dave Ulrich introduces how HR Transformation is a handbook leaders can use to ensure HR delivers business success.

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HR Transformation Introduction

This document contains book endorsements as well as the introductory chapter.

Tool 1.1 Full Viruses List

In our work on managing change, we have identified more than 30 common viruses, common reasons why change does not proceed as intended. Download the full list organization viruses and learn more about virus busting.

Tool 1.2 HR Transformation Model Overview

Watch a video of Dave Ulrich introducing the HR transformation model. Learn as he grounds this theory in reality with examples of how companies have implemented each phase of the model.

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Tool 2.1 HR Transformation Readiness Assessment

Are you ready for HR Transformation? Invite your entire team to complete the full HR Transformation Readiness assessment to determine if it's time for you to begin HR Transformation.

Tool 2.2 Preparing for HR Transformation

Learn from Dave Ulrich as he describes how to create the conditions you need to initiate a successful HR Transformation and shares best practices in HR Transformation preparation. Share this video with your team during your transformation kick-off meeting.

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Tool 2.3 HR Transformation Jumpstart methods

HR Transformation requires that internal and external stakeholders understand the gap between what HR does now and what HR needs to deliver in the future and the impact of that gap. The following ideas can help jumpstart a discussion in the organization of the gap and what might be accomplished if it were narrowed.

Tool 2.4 Stakeholder Analysis

Be very clear to ensure your stakeholder's expectations and needs are addressed at the begining, embedded in everything you do throughout the HR transformation. Download and print the Stakeholder Analysis Worksheets. Have your entire team complete the worksheet, and then prioritize stakeholder needs.

Tool 2.5 External Environment

Understanding the complexities in your external environment is critical to a sustainable HR Transformation. Watch Wayne Brockbank explain the impact of external environment on successful transformation.

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Tool 2.6 Business Case Worksheet

Download a copy of the business case worksheet. Encourage each member of the HR Transformation team to complete the worksheet prior to holding your business case development meeting.

Tool 2.7 HR Transformation Business Case

Watch Justin Allen describe a process for developing a transformation business case and listen as he shares examples of transformation teams who have successfully communicated their business case to the Board of Directors, the senior executive teams, the HR leadership team, and HR professionals throughout the organization.

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Tool 3.1 Organization Capabilities

Dave Ulrich Pdf

Watch a video of Dave Ulrich explaining the importance of Organization Capabilities and why they are HR's number one deliverable.

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Tool 3.2 Organization Capability Assessment

Be sure your HR TRansformation team is clear about the capabilities your organization needs. Check out the RBL Organization Capability Assessment.

Tool 3.3 Operationalizing Your Capabilities

Turn the capabilities identified in the capability audit into specific measures that can be monitored and tracked. Watch a video of Mark Nyman describing how to connect the deliverables of the transformation in a scorecard such that everyone knows what the results of the transformation should be and how well the organization is meeting those results.

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Tool 3.4 Mapping Capabilities to Stakeholders

Listen to Justin Allen share best practice examples of how to show the development of your capabilities will benefit employees, line managers, customers, investors, communities, and other stakeholders.

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Tool 4.1 HR Strategy Statement

Download a copy of the HR Strategy Statement Worksheet and use this document as a template in you HR Strategy clarification meeting.

Tool 4.2 Drafting a Powerful HR Strategy

Learn from Wayne Brockbank as he describes how to draft an HR Strategy, and then how to make it real

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Tool 4.3 Strategic vs. Transactional Work

As seen in the Pfizer case (see chapter 10) separating transactional from transformational work is an essential step in any HR Transformation. Listen to Mark Nyman describe the sifting process.

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Tool 5.1 The Six “Bs” Overview

Individual and organizational gaps can be filled by investing in talent. In our work we have found six kinds of investments that may be made to upgrade talent: Buy, Build, Borrow, Bound, Bounce, and Bind.

Tool 5.2 VOI2C2E Overview

Obtain more information about using the VOI2C2E model and other resources that can help you bolster and strengthen your employees such that they strengthen others.

Tool 5.3 Strategy Assessment Worksheet

Download a copy of the Strategy Assessment Worksheet.

Tool 6.1 HR Competencies Overview

Over the last twenty years, Dave Ulrich and Wayne Brockbank have gathered the world's largest database on HR Competencies that positively impact business success. Listen to Wayne describe the results of the latest round of data collection and the implication for HR professionals.

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Tool 6.2 HR Competencies Research

Download a concise summary of the RBL/University of Michigan HR Competencies study, and the first chapter of the HR Competencies (2008) book.

Tool 6.3 HR Competencies Assessments

Ensure that you are focused on developing the right skills for your HR professionals by assessing them and them comparing data from your organization with global norms. Download a sample report of the RBL HR Competencies 360 Assessment.

Tool 6.4 Strategic HR Professional Development

Effective development of HR professionals involves interventions in three key categories: work experiences, life experiences, and formal training/mentoring. Learn from global organizations as Justin Allen shares best practices in sustainable leadership development.

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Tool 7.1 Building an HR Transformation Team (internal)

Building the HR Transformation team is critical for effective execution and long-term success. Listen to Mark Nyman describe who should be on the team from HR and Line Management and critical roles that must be played.

Dave Ulrich Hr Pdf

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Tool 7.2 Building an HR Transformation Team (external)

Now that you've decided who from HR and line management should be on your HR Transformation team, how are you going to involve customers, investors, and external thought leaders? Listen to Dave Ulrich describe essential external roles for HR Transformation.

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Tool 8.1 HR Transformation Milestones Checklist

Use the HR Transformation Milestones Checklist as a guide throughout your transformation process. Download a printable copy of the Milestones Checklist.

UlrichTool 8.2 Pilot’s Checklist

Download a printable copy of the Pilot's Checklist and learn more about resources for sustainable change management.

Tool 8.3 Accountability and Change Video

You've read the book, now it's time to make change happen. Listen to Dave's closing remarks and charge to the HR profession.

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David Ulrich's HR Model

Dave Ulrich PdfSlideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Dec 27, The modern HR Management is defined using these simply defined roles to identify key tasks, goals and objectives for Human Resources in the organization. David Ulrich defined the basic scope for Human Resources to become a strategic partner for the top executives in the company.
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Dave Ulrich Pdf


I highly recommend this book to HR and business leaders everywhere. . Hallstein Moerk, Executive VP of HR, Nokia “Dave Ulrich has been a pioneer in.

See updated post here. Earlier this month we were fortunate to host an interactive HR Leadership workshop for Visier customers, led by father of modern HR and leading business consultant Dave Ulrich. Leveraging proprietary assessments administered by Korn Ferry to C-suite candidates over a period of more than 10 years, Ulrich and Filler looked at the prevalence of 14 leadership traits across c-suite roles. Yet, if this is the case, then what is holding HR back in some companies from playing a driving strategic leadership role in the business? They are deeply knowledgeable of and able to translate external business trends into internal decisions and actions. They understand the general business conditions e. They target and serve key customers of their organization by identifying customer segments, knowing customer expectations, and aligning organizational actions to meet customer needs.

You are currently using the site but have requested a page in the site. Would you like to change to the site? Dave Ulrich , Norm Smallwood. Norm Smallwood is cofounder of The RBL Group, which provides education and consulting services based on this book as well as the ideas in Results-Based Leadership, which he coauthored with Ulrich. Request permission to reuse content from this site. Undetected location.

In , Netscape was the browser of choice; Motorola StarTAC dominated cell phone popularity; the Apple PowerBook led in innovative laptops; cordless home phones emerged; Sony PlayStation with a k memory card was state of the art; Windows 95 was released. And I published the book Human Resource Champions , the ideas therein helped to define the HR business partner in terms of roles and outcomes within an organization. In the ensuing 20 years, much has changed in the world of technology; and much has changed in the world of HR. The business partner concept has dramatically evolved transformed, been disrupted, evolved, or whatever word you choose from roles and outcomes to a logic of how HR delivers value to employees, organizations, customers, investors, and communities through individual talent competence, workforce, people , leadership throughout an organization, and organization capabilities culture , workplace , systems. In these 20 years, my colleagues and I have published over 25 books and hundreds of articles, chapters, research monographs, and blogs, and have given hundreds of talks on how HR is not about HR but about delivering value to multiple stakeholders. Often critics of HR compare the HR business partner 1. So it is useful to capture the concepts defining business partner 2.

• Dave Ulrich, the RBL Group • All Rights Reserved. HUMAN RESOURCE COMPETENCY CONFERENCE Mike Ulrich, Co-Director.
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