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Snapseed - 29 professional tools. Bonfire Pro - 110+ unique effects. PicLab - 20+ free fonts. Avatan - Create your own effects. BeFunky - Editing photos using filters. Choosing the best free photo editor for your Android is rather challenging because you will find hundreds of different filter or photo apps with bags or lags. PiZap is a Free Photo Editing Software tool which is specially designed for editing photos. It comes with options for photo editing, designing, making collages, adding emoticons and creating social media cover images. Photo Pos Pro Photo Editor. Other Photo Editing Software for Different Platforms. A full suite photo editing software is usually available for Windows and Mac. But, there are photo editing softwares that are available for other platforms, as well as mobile devices.

Excellent photo editing requires the use of cool tools which have all the features such as special effects, filters, unique add-ons, frames and much more. If you require such a tool for editing your photos, then the Free Photo Editing Software tools are the ones’ you mustn’t miss to try. This article describes some of the best Free Photo Editing Software tools that are used in recent times.


Magix Photo Designer 7

MAGIX PHOTO DESIGNER 7 is a Free Photo Editing Software tool which helps you edit images. Use this tool to for quick image optimization, precise editing, image retouch, caricatures and enhance the images.

PhotoPad Photo Editing Software

PhotoPad Photo Editing Software is a Free Photo Editing Software tool which provides easy picture enhancing options for all users. It supports all popular image file formats, set of editing options and lets you crop, rotate, touch up and improve the quality of the image.


PicMonkey is an online, Free Photo Editing Software tool which helps you create high-quality photos. It comes with photo filters, effects, fonts, clip arts, frames, textures, themes and even provides high-end image editing.


PhotoScape is a fun, easy and Free Photo Editing Software tool used for enhancing photos. This tool offers an editor, batch editor, slideshow viewer, splitter, screen capture, color picker, paper print and face search options.


PhotoPlus is an easy to use, Free Photo Editing Software tool which lets you edit images, restore classic photos, crop or straighten images and much more. This editing package helps in easy photo adjustments and helps enhance images.


PiZap is a Free Photo Editing Software tool which is specially designed for editing photos. It comes with options for photo editing, designing, making collages, adding emoticons and creating social media cover images.

Photo Pos Pro Photo Editor

PixBuilder Studio





PT Photo Editor

Kizoa Photo Editor

PaintShop Pro


Zoner Photo Studio

Free Photo Editing Software for other Platforms

Find out the list tool of Photo Editing Software or Photo Effects Software tools that are used for enhancing picture quality. Choose the best tool for getting all the features necessary for basic or advanced editing of photos.

Photo Editor for Windows

Photo Editor from Aviary is the best Free Photo Editing Software tool for Windows. It comes with a comprehensive photo editor and offers fun stickers, stunning effects, auto enhance and other customizations.

Fotor for Mac

Fotor is a Free Photo Editing Software application for Mac computers and devices. Use this Mac Photo Editor tool to get options for batch processing, collages, editing tools, tilt-shift, effects, borders and photo enhancements.

Photo Editor Lidow Snap Pic for Android

Photo Editor Lidow Snap Pic is the Free Photo Editing Software application which helps you edit photos. Use this Android application to make collages, crop images, add effects, add emoticons, use filters and edit your photos.

BeFunky – Most Popular Software

Easy Photo Editor Free Download

BeFunky is the most popular, Free Photo Editing Software tool used for editing your photos. Use this online photo editor to play around with amazing effects and use the cartoonizer, oil paint, pop art, photo frames, layouts and much more.

How to install Free Photo Editing Software ?

Some of the Free Photo Editing Software tools can be installed after downloading it from the official websites. Professional users can download the advanced version for better results. After saving the file, just run it and select next after license agreement and language selection. The installation won’t take long and you can start using the Free Photo Editing Software tool after the completion. You can also see Photo Effects Software.

Free Photo Editing Software tools let you enhance the quality of your photos. These tools offer plenty of useful options for easy photo editing. Choose the best tool and install it for maximum benefits.

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As you know, editing images and photos is becoming easier, thanks to powerfull online tools like Picnik or FotoFlexer, that can be found on web.

To use these tools however, you must have an internet connection. If you don’t have a permanent one, there are also free photo editing software to download and intall on your PC in off-line mode like Photoshop etc. If you would like to have a free photo editing software to download, you could have it by selecting it from the list below.

Download Free Photo Editor Software For Mobile Phone

Free Photo Editing Software Download: List of 20 Free Softwares

Surfing through the web I found some very interesting photo editing software ready to Download. They are complitely free and ready to download. Read the description of each one of them and download your favorite one. Let’s start!


Paint.NET is a free Software able to edit photos and images, mainly intended for beginners and intermediate users. However, even a professional can find useful this photo editing software. This software has optional graphics plugins available to download to extend the functions of the software

2) GIMP 2.6.8

GIMP is a popular free software, a good alternative to photoshop. Edit Photos and Create your own images using a wide range of effects and Filters. GIMPÂ has free Graphics Plugins to download and extend the software functions. GIMP is Available for Windows Xp, Vista, 7 – Linux, Ubuntu and Mac OSX.

3) Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is a photo editing software principally intended to beginners, thanks to Photo Pos Pro you can apply filters and effects to your photos. Every effect is shown by a thumbnail. So you can choose exactly what you’re looking for

4) Photo Scape

PhotoScape is a real fully-featured dashboard, where you can find all the tools you need to edit a photo. All tools are placed in a wheel-shaped board, just click an icon to acces to his function. If you are not able to use this software properly, just read the guide on PhotoScape Home page.

5) Inkscape

This software is a free and great alternative to Adobe Illustrator. InkScape can Open and Edit .AI and .EPS files and is compatible with Adobe Illustrator 9 and higher. In the official site of Inkscape you can find an Inkscape guide that helps you to use Inkscape properly.

6) Photo! Editor

Photo! Editor can be used to retouch your photo automatically or mannually using enhance color, denoise, lighting and deblur tools . Starting from a photo or image, you can also create caricatures using the “distortion tool” With Photo! Editor is easy to restore old photos by removing scratches.

7) Image Analyzer

Image Analyzer is a very useful photo editing software, includes a large range of filters and retouching tools that are listed below:

  • Autofix of Gamma, Contrast, Saturation, and Brightness of the photo
  • Photo Retouching Tools
  • Red-Eye Removal Tool
  • Downloadable Plugins
  • Cropping, Rotate and Resize Tools
  • Support for Camera and Scanner acquisition
  • Supported Formats: BMP, GIF, JPG, ICO, CUR, PNG, MNG,WMF, EMF, PCX
  • Color Conversion Tool: RGB, CMY, HSI, Lab, YCbCr, YIQ and PCA

8) PhotoPlus SE

PhotoPlus SE is a photo retouching software that really surprised me. This software has a lot of funcions that can be found in Adobe Fireworks, so, this is a very nice free alternative of it.This photo editing software can be downloaded freely, at first start of the program you will be prompted for a free license activation. The free license will be sent to you by e-mail.

9) Ultimate Paint

Ultimate Paint is a basic photo retouching software principally intended for beginners. In this software you can find basic and classic foto retouching tools. A very useful tool you can find in this software is the Screen Capture Tool. The software may remind you Microsoft Paint.

10) GIMPShop 2.2.8

GIMPShop is a modified version of GIMP. All Windows, Menu etc, has been modified to remind standard photoshop appearance. This is very useful for people who wants to use a free software but can’t renounce to Photoshop’s windows and menu layout.

11) SmothDraw

SmothDraw is a free and powerful software specifically designed to use with a graphics tablet. You can add your personal touch to an existing photo or create a new image starting from a white canvas. The software has many different types of brushes and tools to create a real masterpiece.

12) Artweaver

Artweaver is not a particularly powerful program, it is designed for beginners users who’s making the first steps in editing photos. The software contains basic filters like, Sharpen, Gaussian Blur, etc but is ideal for a first approach in photo editing.

13) Mobile Photo Enhancer

Mobile Photo Enhancer is a “must have” if you take pictures frequently with your SmartPhone. Dragging the photo inside the software and it will be automatically fixed. If you don’t like the automatic optimization, you can do it manually, changing the strenght of the effects using the scrolling bars.

14) PhotoFiltre

The name of this software says all! PhotoFiltre is a software with a large amount of filters for your photos. In the software’s main page you could find many filters and plug-in to download. If you’re in trouble, just look at the Photo Filtre Guide.

15) Photo Resizer


Photo Resizer is an useful application to edit photos. Photo Resizer, can resize your images automatically. The only thing you have to do is to set the desired width and height values . You can choose between 11 different Resizing algorithms for resizing your photos. If you have to resize many images just drag the images on the working area, or choose the folder where images are placed. The software will resize all image in few seconds. A very considerable saving of time!

16) Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer

Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer is a free software able to edit your photos. Whit this software you can rotate, flip, add text, change brightness, contrast etc. When editing will be finished you could share your images through MSN, Picasa, Flickr and Facebook.

17) MAGIX Photo Clinic

MAGIX Photo Clinic is a photo editing program that integrates numerous editing tools and filters. Each filter is previewed by a thumbnal that gives you an idea of how to work the filter on a default image. The strenght of the effects can be set using the scrolling bars. The Software acquires images from cameras and scanners, automatically.

18) Photo Mosaik

Foto Mosaik is a very special software. It creates photographic mosaics starting from the images in your Hard Drive. a Photographic mosaic is a standar image, but is created using other little images as pixels. A very interesting effect!

19) Ript

Ript is a sort of ScarpBooking software. Just choose the images to Scarp and place it on the main board of the software. You could add text if you want. Edited images can be saved in JPG format or sent by email to your friends.

20) Easy Thumbnail

Easy Thumbnail is a software useful to create thumbnails starting from a photo. The only thing you have to do is setting max widh and heigh of your photos and create the thumbnail. Before starting process you could adjust Brightness, Constrast, Sharpness and rotate the images too.

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