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Jeff's Wizards and Warriors Item Editor

This tool can be used to modify many properties of the games items. Be sure to back up the files that the editor modifies (d6trlist.dat, d6item.dat, and d6mons.dat). I have done my best to make sure the editor doesn't bork anything, but it is always conceivable that there are bugs. Save yourself a headache, some heartache, and the time necessary to re-install the game. Bear in mind that the absolute minimum screen resolution required to get full functionality from the editor is 1024x768.


My Creations for CRAFT WARRIORS Instructions: You would need to have the game installed first before you can download the crafts. You would also need to use your phone/emulator to download it (Via a browser) as it isn’t some kind of file that you can just copy and paste. Click on the Image of the Craft you want to download.

  • Executable file only version 0.95 (392 KB) — This download simply contains the editor. This may be all you need. Downloaded 1673 times
  • Setup package (1.98 MB) — Alternately, you can download this package to install the editor and all VB dependencies needed for it to run. Downloaded 1542 times
Download Game Craft Warriors Mod

Please feel free to report any bugs in the editor to me via the contact form. Please include as much detail about the bug as you can (what you have edited, what broke, any leads as to what you think happened, etc.)

Wizards and Warriors Mod

  • Ludmeister's Wizards and Warriors Mod v1.1, rev. 1 (1.05 MB) — Released April 30, 2012, and updated May 4, 2012. The latest and greatest version, which makes some skills changes to when skills are opened, and how many skill points are gained at level up. The revision fixes a couple of issues, make sure the package you downloaded has a readme that says 'revision 1'. Downloaded 3411 times
  • Ludmeister's Wizards and Warriors Mod v1.0 (1.05 MB) — The initial release of the mod. Downloaded 1180 times
  • Fight your way through warriors from millions of years ago and entities that were formed by a dark magic and work your way through different tiers of ar.
  • Features: Download baby werewolf skins, teenwolf mods and werewolf addons for free! You can be a fearless hunting wolf if you are not afraid of anything. If your thing is to be a born leader, you can guide your clan with your loud howl, let them hear you well!🗯 Do you want a real challenge? Try to control the clan cubs if you dare, the.
  • Jul 13, 2021 Apocalypse Rebooted. 30 Downloads Updated 1 day ago Created 1 day ago. A mod revolving around making the game more difficult over time. The Nuka-Cola Mod.

Version 1.1 Changelog

  • Edited the class skills for many classes. Bards, Monks and Rangers in particular are a bit more interesting. Rogues have the capacity to learn Vine spells (since some of them are handy with poison), but not right away! Here are the changes:
    • Warrior— No changes
    • Rogue— Open Vinecraft; does not open Axe
    • Priest— Open Dagger, Bow, Fiendcraft
    • Wizard— Open Mooncraft
    • Ranger— Open 2nd Weapon, Stealth
    • Bard— Open Spiritcraft, Fiendcraft, Stealth, Artifacts; does not open Axe, Mace
    • Samurai— Open 2nd Weapon, Stonecraft; does not open Axe, Mace
    • Paladin— No changes
    • Barbarian— Open Forge
    • Monk— Open Dagger, Vinecraft, Stonecraft, Artifacts; does not open Mace, Shield
    • Ninja— Open 2nd Weapon, Vinecraft, Scout, Stealth; does not open Axe, Mace, Shield
    • Warlock— Open Shield, all Craft skills, Artifacts
    • Assassin— Open 2nd Weapon, Suncraft, Scout, Stealth, Deathstrike
    • Zenmaster— No changes
    • Valkyrie— Open Suncraft
  • If a class has skill in a paricular style of magic, but does not have 'affinity' with it (for example, a Priest changes to Paladin, and the Paladin knows Vinecraft), they used to be able to learn spells level less than or equal to (skill / 2). This has been changed to less than or equal to (skill - 2). In other words, the above Paladin needs a Vinecraft level of 6 to learn Level 4 Vine spells, not 8 as before.
  • Here are the new spell disciplines, opened by class:
  • ClassAffinityNo affinity
    PriestSpirit, VineFiend
    WizardSun, StoneMoon
    BardMoonSpirit, Fiend
    MonkSpiritVine, Stone
    AssassinMoon, FiendSun
    ValkyrieSpirit, StoneSun

  • Characters will be granted quite a few more skill points per level. They will receive ((Int / 4) + (CurLevel / 2)) skill points, with a minimum of 1 every level. If their level in their current class is not their highest level, this number will be halved (again, with a minimum of 1). This balances the ridiculous number of skill points necessary to increase skills past level 5 or 6 via regular level ups.
  • Rebalanced the items again. Increased the range value for many longswords, larger axes, greatswords, staves, and spears. Fixed a couple of minor bugs and issues I found with v1.0 items.
  • All Wands are now classified as daggers, and as such Priests and Monks can gain skill in Dagger to allow skill with Wands.
  • Some monsters have new equipment... many will throw darts now, and some very strong monsters will monkey-grip a 2-handed weapon, and use a primary weapon in their off-hand!
  • The monster spawn rates have increased. The 'Seldom' setting now acts as 'Average' did before; the 'Average' setting acts as 'Often' did before, and 'Often' spawns a fair bit more monsters, and a fair bit more often as well. Set the game to 'Often' when you want to grind some levels for your characters and gain equipment from enemies, but this may be overwhelming if you just set the game at 'Often' spawning and leave it there.

Version 1.0 Changelog

  • Amazoni Mantraps and Jungle Lillies do not use their dreadful long range poison gas attack. They do have a long-range melee strike that can poison, paralyze, or outright kill targets, but at least the party has a chance of surviving a (short) close encounter with them.
  • Items were rather exhaustively rebalanced:
    • Some items have new class restrictions.
    • Some items are slightly modified in power.
    • More non-combat related items are now stackable, and if a character is selected who carries one of those type of items, they will automatically pick them up (no need to click on the item).
    • More items are enchantable at the Temple and at the Magic Shop.
  • A few of the earlier 'Damned Bats' have had their EXP rewards increased to balance the annoyance in missing them alot (Worgurs, Night Bats, Pirahnas, etc.) To understand what I mean by 'Damned Bats', see this.
  • Each character class had its experience progressions tweaked slightly.
  • Many monsters bring new equipment to bear against you in battle, and some of the treasure drops have been modified as well.
  • The No-CD check has been removed; as such you can play the game without the CD if you have installed the game in complete format.

Installation Instructions

This list is going to step you through how to get Wizards and Warriors running on a machine that is running Windows XP or later. Wizards and Warriors is notoriously finicky to set up on Windows XP and later versions of Windows (though I have had good luck getting it to work on Windows 7. Go figure.) Windows XP seems to be more random if this works or not. At any rate, here goes.

  • Install Wizards and Warriors, and immediately make a copy of this directory. This backup is optional, but quite helpful in a pinch.
  • Download Heuristic Park's unofficial Wizards and Warriors v1.0 patch, available below as a convenience.
  • Extract '' to your Wizards and Warriors directory, overwriting any files.
  • Download the Town AVI XP fix, available above.
  • Extract '' to your Wizards and Warriors directory, overwriting any files.
  • Backup your deep6.exe, d6trlist.dat, d6item.dat, and d6mons.dat files. These files are in your root Wizards and Warriors directory.
  • Extract the files in '' to your Wizards and Warriors directory. Overwriting the files is okay, if they have been backed up (otherwise, you won't be able to go back to the stock version).
  • Download Ross Ridge's Wizards and Warriors DirectX Graphics Patch, available below as a convenience.
  • Extract W& to your Wizards and Warriors directory.
  • Run W&WGraphicsPatch.exe, and tell it to use a 1280x960 resolution (this is fully double 640x480 and will render the most clean graphics). Of course, if your monitor won't do 1280x960 resolution, 800x600 would work too.
  • Run the game, and click 'Start the Game'. Hit the 'Game Options' orb in the lower left part of the screen, and then go to the 'Graphics' tab. To use the resolution that you set via the graphics patch, select 'D3D 800x600' for the Driver option. If you selected 800x600 in step 10, I recommend that you run the game in 'D3D 640x480' mode, though.
  • Quit the game, and then restart it.
  • You should be good to go! Enjoy!

Mini Warriors Mod

Wizards and Warriors Patches

  • Wizards and Warriors Town AVI XP fix (24.9 MB) — I rendered these AVIs myself using VirtualDub v1.6.15. They replace the game's original town AVI files, to restore full functionality to towns when running the game in Windows XP or later. Downloaded 4739 times

Wizards and Warriors resources which I did not create

I am hosting these patches here as a convenience and as a service, as I do not want them to be lost to the Wizards and Warriors community. However, if you created these patches and object to them being here, I will promptly take them down.

Download Game Craft Warriors Mod Pc

  • Heuristic Park's unofficial Wizards and Warriors Patch v1.0 (1.10 MB) — This patch is the first thing you need to get Wizards and Warriors working on later systems, and it provides numerous bugfixes that were present in the commercially licensed version by Activision. Downloaded 3207 times
  • Ross Ridge's Wizards and Warriors DirectX Graphics fix (5.49 KB) — This executable program patches Heuristic Park's version of Deep6.EXE in such a way that DirectX is graphically functional if your computer's graphics processor is in the ATI Radeon line. In other words, you don't need to use the Software Driver if you are using an ATI Radeon graphics chipset. If you are running XP or later, you shouldn't use the Software Driver. Ross Ridge states (and I reiterate) that 'this patch is COMPLETELY UNOFFICIAL and UNAPPROVED by either the developers (Heuristic Park) or the publishers (Activision) of Wizards & Warriors. I have absolutely no association with either of these two companies. This patch and the utility that applies it are provided for FREE by me, Ross Ridge, and are in the public domain.' Downloaded 2428 times

Praise and Feedback for Wizards and Warriors resources

You are my hero! the item editor has been so much fun to fiddle with.

— Liam

Copyright notice

The content in this portion of the website pertains to 'software' known as 'Wizards and Warriors', which was copyrighted 2000 by Heuristic Park, Inc. and distributed by Activision Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Activision is a registered trademark of Activision, Inc. and its affiliates. Wizardry is a registered trademark of 1259190 Ontario, Inc. All rights reserved. The unofficial patches hosted here are hosted only as a convenience, and I claim no right to any of the third-party software hosted here. Furthermore, if the authors of said content at any time object to their software being distributed here, I will immediately remove it. All content represents original research by myself, except when credits are given on the respective pages where unoriginal content is placed.

A mod for Minecraft with over 80 trains and other vehicles added so far!

Traincraft first came out on april 2011. At that time the mod was named Train and Zeppelin mod and only had one «steam» locomotive and one cart. The locomotive had no GUI and you couldn’t attach the cart to the locomotive. The first idea was to have a controllable powered minecart in which you could sit. The mod got so much support that it was decided to continue the adventure and add many more locomotives and carts. Now Traincraft has a little more than 70 locomotives, carts, and other moving stuff as well as many crafting blocks and machines.

A whole assortment of trains to play with

A zeppelin and an airship to fly in

Works great with other mods for even more fun

Great train models of various locos and wagons

Click the image to learn more about Traincraft

Power Warriors Mod

Some images from the mod

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You heard it here first. A place where news are posted about the mod.

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