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For the first time you access the IP camera or DVR/NVR, the Internet Explorer (IE8, 9, 10) need to be installed with ActiveX plugin. The ActiveX plugin can allow browser receive the video streaming from these IP devices. If the installation of ActiveX bar doesn't pop-up, then you need to change three ActiveX controls in your Internet Setting of IE.

Select Tools, Internet Options menu from the Internet Explorer. Select the Security tab from the Internet Options dialog. Select the appropriate Web content zone and click Custom Level. Make the following options available under ActiveX controls and plug-ins to either enable or Prompt: Download signed ActiveX controls. I want to access two IP adresses that my surveillance camera system uses, in both cases the Internet Explorer ask me to install and Active X in one case and other. Install unknown ActiveX plugin, how to enable ActiveX plugin in. Three ActiveX controls in your Internet Setting of IE. Download signed ActiveX. In the Internet Explorer browser, click Tools in the upper toolbar or click on the Tools icon and select Internet Options. Click the Security tab. Click Custom Level. Scroll down to the ActiveX Controls and Plug-ins section. Change Download Signed ActiveX Controls to PROMPT. Close Internet Explorer then re-open Internet. Activex Plugin For Internet Explorer The settings dialogue will open with the current website or camera already visible as you can see below. In Internet Explorer 10 and 11 there is an additional option to set Compatibility View to be used for all websites.

Run the IE browser, go to 'Tools', then select 'Internet Options' to change your ActiveX controls.

Choose the 'Security' tab in 'Internet Options' menu, then you can change the security setting of IE.

Choose the 'Custom level...' in 'Security' tab

Now you can see the custom level shows ActiveX controls and plugins.

**For IE 9 or IE10 users only: For the first option, Allow ActiveX filtering, select Disable.

**For all users: Scroll down the ActiveX controls and plug-ins, and change below 3 values to 'Prompt':

  • Download signed ActiveX controls (Should be ticked)
  • Download unsigned ActiveX controls (Should be ticked)
  • Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting (Should be ticked)

When done, click 'OK' and exit the Security Settings menu.

ActiveX in Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer 11

For both Internet Explorer (IE10) and IE11, you need to enable the compatible view. Run your IE browser, go to 'Tools', then select 'Compatibility View settings', it will pop-up a dialogue window.


Ie Activex Ie_plugins.exe For Windows 10 Download

Then, add your camera’s IP address (or domain) to the list of websites to be opened in Compatibility View.


General problems for IP camera

I don't know the LAN IP address for security camera:
Read the camera's manual, you can find the default IP address for IP camera. The other method is running IP camera search software to find the available IP cameras in your LAN network.

I can access the IP camera, but it's a blank page:
ActiveX plugins has not been installed in your browser, you need to install it before access the IP camera.

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