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This article is over a year in the making. I’ll describe how I stream to Twitch using a MacBook Pro 15″ 2015 El Capitan 10.11.6. My wife streams with her Macbook 13″ Pro 2015 Sierra 10.12.6. If you have a newer Mac you probably won’t have any USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports only USB-C. You’ll need some dongles ( dang Apple!)

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In retrospect, OBS Studio supports streaming any full-screen game you want. Xsplit Gamecaster. Xsplit Gamecaster is a Twitch streaming option, that does sport excellent features but at a price. The initial version of the software is free, however, for users seeking more advanced features, a price tag is applied. Streamlabs is a free and open source software which means you and many other creators can design your own Streamlabs apps and modifications and place them in the Streamlabs App Store. For stream personalization and interactivity, Streamlabs is without a doubt the best option for Twitch streaming. The most popular streaming platform for Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. Cloud-based and used by 70% of Twitch. Grow with Streamlabs Open Broadcast Software (OBS), alerts, 1000+ overlays, analytics, chatbot, tipping, merch and more. The Twitch Studio Mac app requires a Mac capable of running MacOS 10.14: Mojave. It’s recommended to have a newer Mac for streaming, especially if you are planning to stream games simultaneously. If you encounter any issues with your streaming set up, feel free to join our Discord server to chat directly with other Twitch Studio streamers. The two best streaming software for Mac are OBS Studio and Wirecast. Let’s take a look at each in more detail. We will provide a full review of each based on price, features, pros and cons, compatibility, and technical specs.

Warning!! Don’t use this. When I first started streaming I use an Elgato HD60. Since they don’t write drivers for the Mac you have to use their propriety software. It’s called Game Capture HD and it’s not very good. I’m not just saying that. I’ve tested this software for over a year and it has not gotten any better. Here is the article that describes the troubles you’ll have if you by a Elgato and Game Capture HD. I won’t go into the details, but there are video and audio problem.


Get the Mac laptop or desktop to stream our games to using OBS

Hardware you’ll need

AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2. This is plug and play. The drivers are built into the kernel. There is nothing to configure. You literally plug it in and it works. You may need to update the firmware on the Avermedia. For this you’ll need a micro SD card. This is a great unit, only thing that I don’t like about it is the main light blinks enough when it’s idle to give you seizure.

Software you’ll need

OBS – Main streaming software
Soundflower – Software to stream audio from the Mac (optional)
X-Chat Aqua – Software to get audio notifications for chat messages (optional)


OBS settings

You can find info for how to setup OBS. Here is a good article that shows how to set your encoding for Twitch streaming (bitrate, framerates, resolution, etc.) Primarily I stream from a Nintendo Switch. I’m not going to get into the details for how to setup OBS for streaming because it’s the same for Mac and PC and there are plenty of articles online that describe in detail how to do this. Here is an article on Lifewire, and Here is an article on Windows Central. I’d rather not watch video instruction, but here is an article on OBS Project that has multiple videos. You can choose your article or find another online.

How to get audio from the Mac into the stream

By default you’ll only hear audio from the Avermedia and the microphone. If you play a song on your Mac you will not hear it in the stream. This is where SoundFlower comes in. You’ll need the SoundFlower software here is this download link and info you should read before installing SoundFlower. It doesn’t install a program you can find or see on your computer, so don’t bother looking for it. It gives you the ability to bridge audio from multiple sources. Once soundflower is installed, Here is a link that explains how to setup SoundFlower to add a Multi-Output device. Once you set the audio to the Multi-Output device, you won’t be able to control the volume in the convention way. See image below.

To adjust the volume that you hear, use two volume control in the Midi settings Audio devices for Built-in Output.

Another trick you can use to adjust the audio after it’s set to Multi-output. I learned this from my wife. Instead of going to MIDI settings and adjusting the two sliders in Built-in Output, go to settings and sound. Temporarily change it from multi-output to internal speakers, or headphones. Adjust the sound like you normally would and then change it back to multi-output. Image below.

Adding desktop or laptop audio into your stream

When you’re ready to stream and you want to have your audio from your laptop as part of the stream. For example, if you want music from iTunes, Spotify or Discord to play in your stream. (See additional Discord instructions below)

In the earlier step we created the Multi-Output device. Now go into the Sound settings in System Preference and set the Output to to Multi-Output device. See image below. Note: You don’t need to do this if you only want the audio from the game and your microphone in the stream.

Getting desktop audio into OBS

In OBS click the plus (+) and add “Audio Output Capture” (image below) Name it something like “Laptop Audio”

Next select in the drop down under device, (SoundFlower 2ch). Click OK and now you will have an audio source that says “Laptop audio” this will be the audio from anything that plays sounds on your laptop, iTunes music, Discord, etc.

Increasing desktop audio volume beyond the maximum

I found that after I added the audio source to OBS even with the volume slider all the way up the volume was not loud enough. Here is how to increase the max volume. This will work for any audio in OBS.

Click on the cog next to the audio source. My source is labeled as Laptop audio. Click on filters.

In the filters area click the Plus (+) and add Gain. Than slide the gain control up, as you see in the above image.

Adding Discord audio into your stream

Similar to what we did in the above steps we’ll set the output in Discord to multi-output. In Discord go to user settings -> Voice and Video. Set the output device to Multi-Output Device. That’s it, make sure in OBS under sources you have an audio source set to Soundflower (2ch). As described above.

Issues and options: Audio out of sync

I think it’s common for the audio to be out of sync. My voice audio was ahead of the stream so I added a delay to the Avermedia in OBS mixer settings. You can access mixer settings right from the front of the OBS screen, click on the small cog next to the word mixer. Note, this cog is not in later versions of OBS, the mixer settings are located somewhere else in the OBS program.

Above you can see I added a 400ms (millisecond) delay to the Avermedia which brings it in sync with my microphone audio.

Also note the Monitor off setting. If you turn this on the game audio will come through the speakers or headphones of your Mac. Problem is, there is a delay that you can’t fix with a setting. It’s not a big delay, but it’s enough to be noticeable. There is a solution and I’ll discuss this. Note, it may not be an issue if you are streaming a game from the Mac directly.

How to hear game audio without a delay

You have two options for hearing the game play. Either plug the headphones into your Avermedia or plug them into your Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation. I plug them into my switch using a Aux jack. Problem is there is not volume control and it’s likely that that volume will be too loud. There is a volume control on the Avermedia, but it doesn’t adjust the volume on the headphones. It only adjusts the microphone volume if you were using a Mic through the Avermedia, which is something I don’t do. The solution is a small device made by Koss.

You plug this Koss VC/20 inline with your headphones, it has a volume control wheel which enables you to set your volume control.

Listening for the Twitch chat (optional)

If you’re busy playing a game it’s easy to miss the chat come in. I use X-Chat Aqua to connect to Twich chat via IRC protocol. When a chat comes in, I set it to play an audible tone so I can quickly respond to chat. Once you get X-Chat Aqua installed here is a link that describes how to configure it to connect to Twitch chat. This is completely option.

Above image, set it to Beep on channel message

Above image, set the channel Message to the sound you want. I have mine set to Glass.aiff. It sound like the ping of a wine glass when I get a chat message.

In addition I use the Logitech c922 webcam and stream to Twitch

Anyone can start streaming on Twitch and become a gaming star. Countless people have done it. Part of the process of showing up live on Twitch is to use compatible streaming software available and understand them well enough to get the best out of the tool and your streaming creations.

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Herein we will delve into the best software to use to setup your Twitch streaming software.

Note that the ranking below is in no particular order.

Table of Contents

#1. Twitch Studio

In the streaming industry, Twitch Studio is probably the most popular streaming software available owing to the popularity of Twitch as a streaming platform.

It is the to-go-to software form many novice Twitch streamers and many experienced streamers. Since the software is linked with Twitch, it a tad easier to set up and use.

You need not fret over the video and audio mixing, configuring the hardware and making sure the software detects your hardware and all other annoying preparation tasks you get accustomed to with the other streaming software.

The software’s guided stream setup will automatically detect the hardware (microphone, camera, monitor resolution, and streaming bitrate), and by using one of the customizable templates, you can get started with your stream quickly and with little hassle.

However, just like other Twitch streaming software, it does have some cons. For some streamers, Twitch Studio does not offer ample customization on the setup front like some third-party software.

#2. OBS Studio

Popular with professional and experienced gamers, Open Broadcast Studios is an open-source streaming software available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

It features advanced capabilities and ample customization possibilities. For instance, the software comes with powerful APIs that allow users to create scripts and plugins to customize their streaming to suit their needs.

Aside from streaming on Twitch, the software allows you to also stream on YouTube, Facebook Live, Livecoding, DailyMotion, and many other platforms.

Its various qualities make the software a bit of an overkill for many streamers, especially novice streamers. Case in point, mixing sources takes some time to understand and get used to.

OSB Studio is, however, the perfect streaming solution for power users and/or professional gamers looking to create a thrilling experience for their audience.

To get the best out of OBS Studio, you need to spend a considerable amount of time using the software. Moreover, there is not a lot of guidance available on using the software and you might need to do some trial and error first before you get going.

#3. Xsplit Broadcaster

This is a paid software renowned for the high fidelity sound it captures. Starting at $24.95 per 3 month license, the software provides streamers with a suite of tools that helps them create exceptional game recordings and streams.

Alternatively, you can purchase a lifetime license for $199 that gives you access to all the premium features without limits. However, users have access to a free version with a limited number and variety of features.

Among its notable qualities is the drag and drop users experience for streamers. You can select and organize the various sources in your stream by simply dragging and dropping them within the window.

Additionally, you can also save your setups as scenes, thereby negating the need to setup your streams every time you want to start recording.

This feature allows streamers with one screen to use multiple setups within one stream by switching between the different setups effortlessly.

Xsplit Broadcaster is available on Windows only (Win 7 and newer).

#4. Stream Labs

Stream Labs is another software designed and optimized for power users. It comes with ample features and, importantly, the ability to back up your recording to cloud storage.

Streamers will find it easy to setup their streams as it comes with numerous themes and overlays that allow you to setup you’re your streams fast.

And with 46 apps available to extend the functionality of the software, you get more control, better analytics, and advanced automation.

In all, streamers have capable software with the Stream Labs, and viewers enjoy high-quality streams and memorable interaction with you. And should anything go wrong, Stream Labs has one of the best support personnel ready to help.

#5. LightStream

Designed to give your streams on Twitch a professional look without the hassle of complex setups. “Dubbed the Google Docs for live streaming,” you can start live streaming your videos directly from your browser without downloading any software.

The software is hosted in the cloud and you use the browser as the interface with the software. Importantly, the heavy lifting of encoding and compositing is done in the cloud, freeing your computer resources for other things.

As such, LightStream is the perfect solution for streamers who lack the expensive hardware needed to stream high-quality videos on Twitch.

#6. AverMedia Live Gamer Portable

The AverMedia gives streams a whole new way of capturing and sharing their video streams. This game capture device gives you a hardware and software solution, thereby doing away with the need for a computer to capture record and/or live stream your videos.

It is a portable plug and play solution to all your streaming needs. You can use the AverMedia with your computer, gaming console (Xbox, Wii U, and Play Station 3 and 4), and, mobile device.

The combination of PC-free mode and SD memory slot allows you to capture your gaming sessions even when you do not have a computer near you.

#7. Vmix

Vmix provides a suite of multimedia solutions for streaming on Twitch and other platforms. The live video production software has been optimized for streamlining multiple video and audio inputs and managing and mixing all the sources efficiently.

The software allows users to add and use multiple images, audio, cameras, web streams, Powerpoint, and much more. This is in addition to the ability to display, live stream, and record your videos.

However, to make use of all of these features, users need a high-spec computer as compared to other streaming software.

#8. Elgato Game Capture HD60 S

Another game capture device, Elgato is designed to capture your gameplay on your gaming console (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) and stream it or record it to your computer.

The device is perfectly suited to overcome the shortcomings of limited recording times that gaming consoles offer. The device is fast enough that you can incorporate the captured video to your computer streaming software.

However, it does give users the ability to set up stunning layouts and overlays. It comes with an HDMI input that can take unencrypted signals up to 1080p at 60fps, a 3.5mm audio input, a USB-C port.

On the software front, it uses Elgato’s Game Capture HD software available as a free download. The software allows video creators to stream online on Twitch (and other platforms) or record the video locally.

#9. Nvidia GeForce Shadowplay

As the name suggests, the Nvidia GeForce Shadowplay has been made by Nvidia to provide the best streaming and recording experience for individuals using Nvidia graphics cards.

As an extension to the GeForce experience, you can access this streaming software in the GFE window via the share button on the upper right corner.

The software is inherently easy to use and to share your videos via the Broadcast Live. You can stream up 1080p at 60fps on Twitch using.

With three recording options, gamers have ample choice on how to create their content. The Instant Replay allows users to record the last 5 to 20 minutes of play up to 1440p resolution at 60fps for instant replays.

Free Mac Streaming Software Twitch Download

#10. OBS Live

Streaming Software For Twitch

OBS Live can do everything the OBS Studio can and then some more. As such, the software comes with additional features that improve the lives of streamers while creating a better experience for the viewers.

Some of the added features you get with OBS Live include a built-in chat and activity feed, custom bot name, and media requests that allows you to play videos and songs.

The software also gives users the ability to better control the replays, skip, and mute functions. You also get quick access to all of the StreamElements tools such as overlays, tipping, and ChatBot.


From its onset, has been designed to offer content to create more engaging tools. With easy to use in-game overlays (and hundreds of overlay templates available), powerful widgets, and a host of pre-made themes, streamers are in good footing when it comes to creating high-quality content with this software. The free software also has a donation system alerts, trains, and stream cups.

The only cone of using this software is sometimes it can be draggy, leading to frustration. As such, you need high-spec hardware to get the best experience possible.

#12. Telestream Wirecast

The Telestream Wirecast is an award-winning video capture software that gives users the ability to connect to multiple cameras, graphics, and much more with TV-like operability.

While the software has been optimized for game-capture streaming purposes, users benefit from a robust software with an intuitive design.

The software comes in two offerings – the Studio at $599 and the Pro at $799 with different features.

Among the software stand-out features include the Wirecast Rendezvous conferencing feature, the high-quality audio mixers, easy to use social media integration, and much more.

That said, users have to contend with some bugs, which the software maker is continuously fixing.

Free Twitch Streaming Software

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