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Select the type of configuration file you want to download.ovpn.conf. Select whether you want the certificates inlined as a single file, or separate. If you want to store the local OpenVPN log in a specific location, enter that location here. OpenVPN for Android app by Arne Schwabe is a free download and highly regarded as the best OpenVPN client for Android devices. Installing directly to an Android Device Click Here to download your OpenVPN config files from our server. Our system will automatically email your config file(s) to you or you also have the option to download them. Unzip your OpenVPN configuration files on Android. Once in the download folder, your OpenVPN configuration files will be preselected. Keep them all selected, or select those of your choice (for example, if you only want to access to the VPN located in the Netherlands or Luxembourg, select only those one), and click on UNZIP. Give a name to the certificate, select VPN and apps if not already selected and tap on OK. This will be the name with which Android will save the certificate on its key-ring. Open OpenVPN app and tap on OVPN Profile (Connect with.ovpn file). If step 1,2,3 were already done, skip to step 9.

VanwaTech offers a free VPN service built on top of the OpenVPN platform to allow everyone access to a secure and protected internet connection. To get access to more locations and improved performance check out our premium VPN!

Truly Free

No credit card for signup, no registration, no ads, no videos, truly free. Just download the config and connect with OpenVPN.

Why do we do this? Well it's something we enjoy sharing with the world, but it's also great advertising for our premium VPN which is faster and allows you to choose locations.

Open Source Technology

When it comes to security, why put your trust in other people's hands when you don't have to? OpenVPN is one of the oldest, most vetted, audited, and reviewed VPN code bases in the world.

Using the most secure and trusted open source encryption schemas OpenVPN ensures that your connection will not be comprimised. Military grade AES and RSA comes standard and is always-on.

Works On Any Device

Openvpn configuration files download

Designed for unmatched cross device compatability OpenVPN makes sure that no matter your device, system, or internet restrictions getting connected with OpenVPN is simple and easy.

How to Connect

Step 1

Install OpenVPN for your device.


Step 2

Download The Official OIA OpenVPN Configuration File

Download Connection Settings

Step 3

Failed To Download Openvpn Config

Redownload Your New Config Next Week

Every Monday we delete all configuration keys to ensure security for our users. When you are no longer able to connect to the VPN on Monday, come back to our website and download your new keys to instantly get connected again.

Why does VanwaTech offer this?

Openvpn Server Config File

The anwser is simple; we operate our own technological infrastructure so it costs us very little to offer this service for free. We believe that this service helps those who can not afford a VPN and hopefully people will use and share this service which ultimately gives us low cost advertising. Our goal is to run a business, but if we can help people out while advertising products in a good way; why not? We've taken effort to ensure that this service is the most accessible and require the least trust.

Openvpn Configuration Files Free

How can I give back?

Free Openvpn Config File Download For Android 2017 Download

All we ask is that you spread word of this free service, and whenever possible let people know about the other paid services we offer that help so many get low cost access to the highest performance technology available.
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