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Frutiger® By Adobe. Fonts; Typeface Story; License Information; Available Font Licenses For This Family. Desktop font license. A typical desktop font EULA will allow you to install the font on your computer for use with authoring tools including word processors, design tools and other applications that permit font.

If you’re a bit like me, you love LaTeX, and both have to/want to use your employer’s document/poster/presentation templates. Often, they use a proprietary font. This is the case for the ZFMK, which uses the Adobe Frutiger fonts. The ZFMK provides these fonts, but getting them to work in LaTeX is a major hassle. Years ago, I made a poster in LaTeX (using the a0poster package and lots of search-fu because I never made a poster before) by painstakingly positioning every element on the page exactly according to the template. I also got the Frutiger font installed but forgot how.

Frutiger Font Adobe

Time passed, I had to reinstall my system, and of course the old poster doesn’t compile anymore. Also, I need to make a new one. This time, I documented how to install the Frutiger font for LaTeX in TeXLive 2018.

Note: The Frutiger package for LaTeX is freely available, but the actual font is not. You have to buy it or get it from your employer or whoever wants you to use it.

First, download the frutiger font package. Then, install everything according to these instructions. I summarize them here step-by-step.

1. Install the font pack

Frutiger Font Adobe

Unpack the archive contents in your TeX directory structure (TDS):

Also see the included documentation in doc/fonts/adobe/frutiger.txt.

2. Tell TeX about the new font

Update the filename database:

Update the font mappings. It’s important that you use updmap-sys or updmap --sys and NOT updmap without sys (see here why):

If updmap-sys complains about ‘/’, just copy the file to your working directory and run updmap-sys again on it.

3. Install the Type1 font metric files

Frutiger Font Adobe Reader

The Type1 fonts, as supplied by Adobe, are to be renamed for use with TeX (these files are not freely available but must be purchased):

Adobe file name -> TeX file name
ftb_____.pfb -> pfrb8a.pfb
ftbi____.pfb -> pfrbi8a.pfb
ftbl____.pfb -> pfrc8a.pfb
ftbli___.pfb -> pfrci8a.pfb
fti_____.pfb -> pfrri8a.pfb
ftl_____.pfb -> pfrl8a.pfb
ftli____.pfb -> pfrli8a.pfb
ftr_____.pfb -> pfrr8a.pfb
ftubl___.pfb -> pfru8a.pfb
ftbc____.pfb -> pfrb8ac.pfb
ftblc___.pfb -> pfrc8ac.pfb
ftc_____.pfb -> pfrr8ac.pfb
ftebc___.pfb -> pfru8ac.pfb
ftlc____.pfb -> pfrl8ac.pfb

Copy the Type1 font metric files to the type1 directory in your TDS:

Note: It’s possible that you need to repeat mktexlsr after this step.

Frutiger font adobe

These font files will be installed:

pfrl8rFrutiger 45 Light
pfrli8rFrutiger 46 Light Italic
pfrl8rcFrutiger 47 Light Condensed
pfrr8rFrutiger 55 Roman
pfrri8rFrutiger 56 Italic
pfrr8rcFrutiger 57 Condensed
pfrb8rFrutiger 65 Bold
pfrbi8rFrutiger 66 Bold Italic
pfrb8rcFrutiger 67 Bold Condensed
pfrc8rFrutiger 75 Black
pfrci8rFrutiger 76 Black Italic
pfrc8rcFrutiger 77 Black Condensed
pfru8rcFrutiger 87 Extra Black Condensed
pfru8rFrutiger 95 Ultra Black

4. Test the newly installed font

For example, with Frutiger Light (pfrl8r):

The output is created in testfont.pdf.

5. Use the font in your document!

All Frutiger fonts are of the pfr family. For Frutiger Light:

Use this table for reference:

Frutiger Font Adobe
FamilySeriesShape(s)Font name
pfrln, itFrutiger-Light, Frutiger-LightItalic
pfrmn, itFrutiger-Roman, Frutiger-Italic
pfrbn, itFrutiger-Bold, Frutiger-BoldItalic
pfrebn, itFrutiger-Black,Frutiger-BlackItalic
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