Hipotronics Hipot Tester Ha3at-a User Manual

The 880PL is a HiPot from Hipotronics. HiPot, or high potential, is a class of electronic test equipment used to verify electrical insulation. Engineers use HiPot-testing instruments on cables, wires, circuit boards, appliances, electric motors, and transformers. As a product ages, its insulation may break down and result in current flow leakage.

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  3. Hipotronics Hipot Tester Ha3at-a User Manual


Recessed, Locking High Voltage Connection - Minimizes user accessibility to high voltage. Also prevents the output lead from being accidentally removed from the high voltage outlet.

Interlock Provision - Allows easy installation of any type of safety switch into the interlock circuit. Breaking this circuit will disable the high voltage output.

Over Current Protection with Manual Reset - Protects the test object from excess current levels by rapidly shutting down the high voltage. The overload sensitivity is continuously adjustable to allow testing of various test loads.

Audible/Visual Alarms - The audible and visual alarms provide a clear indication of an overload situation or a go/no-go failure.

Zero Start Interlock - Ensures that the voltage control adjustment is at zero before the high voltage transformer can be energized. This feature ensures that the high voltage is not applied instantly to the object under test, which is potentially harmful in certain applications.

Gravity Operated Solenoid - Discharges the object under test when a failure occurs in that object or when the power is turned off.

Output Connected Voltmeter - Ensures accurate voltage measurement regardless of output loading.




100 Series AC/DC

Hipot Insulation Testers


Two Tests in One Unit - Eliminates need for purchasing separate AC and DC Hipot.

Meets Industry Specifications - Tests to most UL, CSA, VDE, IEC, MIL, BSI, BABT and other industry standards for Dielectric Withstand Testing.

Rack Mountable - Easy installation into a 19' rack.


NIST Traceability - All meters are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


Hipotronics Hipot Tester Ha3at-a User Manual Instructions

The most common applications are for testing of:

high voltage tubes



wire and cable

coils and chokes

motors and generators


medical devices


switches and relays

Model HD125

AC/DC Hipot Tester


Hipotronics Hipot Tester Ha3at-a User Manual -

The 100 Series AC/ DC Hipots are accurate, durable instruments designed to perform hipot tests on all types of electrical products, systems, and components. They are designed to perform AC and DC dielectric tests.

Hipotronics Hipot Tester Ha3at-a User Manual

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