How To Download Torrent With Opera Browser

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How To Download Torrent With Opera Browser

How To Download Torrent With Opera Browser For Pc

Hello bloggers all missed great, been a few days I did not get to see one of my blog because it is always busy chasing.
On occasion this time I still did my best for all my post is really helpful for most people including me think about is how everyone could download an ISO file PS2-I am posting this in my blog, there are two ways that I try to offer to its visitors all the iso file download with uTorrent, torrent download with IDM, this time I will try to explain the easiest way is just to use the browse Opera system, the system will browse opera torrent file can be downloaded instantly without the hassle of-bother to upload everything, but always there is every advantage certainly no shortage of it:
Ok let's start how to download torrent files with OPERA browser:
* Download the latest version Opera_1212_int_Setup.exe first opera HERE (password: dyenps) or can be directly downloaded on the official website www.opera, com, and install it on your computer and then open and locate pal torrent file that want to download HERE.
* Having met with a torrent file that you want to download and click the download dialog box will appear as below:

* Further change his first Open With: Opera Internet Browser as above ^ _ ^ and then click open (red box).
* After that, a new tab will appear with a dialog box as shown below:
* Download with: click on the Opera, and then click Open.
* There will be a dialog box again separately specify the destination folder you download the file, then click yes.

* Then download the tab will be checking the file for a while as below and after that it will proceed with the download file and wait until the process is complete ISO files are ready to burn.
* So how to download torrent files with OPERA browser hopefully helpful tutorial for all of us .. amen.!
So ..!
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