How To Use Malloc In Dev C++

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C calloc The calloc function in C allocates a block of memory for an array of objects and initializes all its bits to zero. The calloc function returns a pointer to the first byte of the allocated memory block if the allocation succeeds. If the size is zero, the value returned depends on the implementation of the library. The free function in C deallocates a block of memory previously allocated using calloc, malloc or realloc functions, making it available for further allocations. The free function does not change the value of the pointer, that is it still points to the same memory location. May 06, 1998 Avoid Using malloc and free in C. The use of malloc and free functions in a C file is not recommended and is even dangerous: 1. Malloc requires the exact number of bytes as an argument whereas new calculates the size of the allocated object automatically. By using new, silly mistakes such as the following are avoided.

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The function malloc() is used to allocate the requested size of bytes and it returns a pointer to the first byte of allocated memory. It returns null pointer, if fails.

Here is the syntax of malloc() in C++ language,


pointer_name − Any name given to the pointer.


cast-type − The datatype in which you want to cast the allocated memory by malloc().

size − Size of allocated memory in bytes.

Here is an example of malloc() in C language,

How To Use Malloc In Dev C++


Here is the output,

In the above program, four variables are declared and one of them is a pointer variable *p which is storing the memory allocated by malloc. We are printing the sum of elements.


The new operator requests for the memory allocation in heap. If the sufficient memory is available, it initializes the memory to the pointer variable and returns its address.

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Here is the syntax of new operator in C++ language,

Here is the syntax to initialize the memory,

Here is the syntax to allocate a block of memory,

Here is an example of new operator in C++ language,

Malloc Syntax In C


C++ New Malloc


How To Use Malloc In Dev C Online

In the above program, three pointer variables are declared as ptr1, ptr2 and ptr3. The pointer variables ptr1 and ptr2 are initialized with the value using new() and ptr3 is storing the allocated block of memory by new() function.

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