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  • Type: Action
  • Levels of Play: 5
  • Release: Jul, 1989
  • Difficulty: Easy

You're Mappy, the mouse-policeman who must keep law and order through five changing levels of difficulty.

In addition to jumping and running after the nasty Boss cat and mischievous little cats, Mappy can also use a variety of special enhancements like the rubber-band trampolines and closed doors to get away from the bad guys and rescue his beautiful girlfriend. Cannons, power beams, and special feathers can also be used to stop the Boss and give you extra time to collect all of the items scattered about the level.

People say:

Play Mappy (US) (Arcade) for free in your browser. Great to have you back! Mappy is an arcade game by Namco. You play as a police mouse and your goal is to retrieve stolen items that are scattered throughout a mansion. But be careful, the mansion is inhabited by felonious felines that will make your task a challenge. If one of these cats touches you, you will lose a life. However, you may pass through cats in.

Mappyland is a great sequel to the original Mappy game. The new scrolling and multilevel features really make this game shine. It's very easy to play, but is loaded with things to discover and ways to increase your score! It may not look like a revolutionary game, but it plays better than most.

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There's just no such thing as a kiddie game. While Mappyland may have characters, settings, and tunes geared toward younger players, it is not a game that will be fully appreciated by anyone under 16. The game play is good, but the package unfortunately misses the mark.

Mappyland is a good continuation of the arcade version, even though the theme is a little different. There's a lot to interact with, which may limit its appeal to older players, but it is decent. Mappy starts out kind of slow, but the graphics and other features come together nicely.

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This game is addicting - I started and didn't want to stop. The graphics are average, but it's a good game with challenging play that's loaded with secret, yet not too complex to get the hand of.

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Overall rating: 6
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