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PDMS (PlantDesign Management System) is 3D Design software package developed by AVEVA Group Plc (UK based Information Technology Company). PDMS provides variousfunctions which are useful for Engineering, Design and Construction of ChemicalProcess Plants (both offshore and onshore Projects).
PDMS is Multi-User, Multi-Discipline 3D design toolwhich can be customized with PML (Programmable Macro Language) and C# to suitcompany or Project Requirements. PDMS Global allows big and complex projects tobe divided over geographical regions/offices on which users can workconcurrently from their respective locations depending upon scope of workagreed.
PDMS enables you to design 3D interactive computermodel of Chemical Process Plant with full colour shaded representation. PDMSUser selects and positions components from available catalogues. 3D Model becomes source of engineering data for allsections and disciplines involved in design project.

Enter PDMS: START → ALL PROGRAMS → AVEVA → VANTAGE PDMS 11.6 → RUN PDMS. Login to SAM project (PDMS Sample Project) using SYSTEM username and password XXXXXX (capital X six times). Choose SAMPLE for the MDB and ADMIN for the module and click OK. SYSTEM username is a free user that can access all database. As default, the password for. PDMS Project Administration: The Project is a fundamental concept in PDMS, and all work takes place within a project. Everything that is defined in PDMS ADMIN is specific to a given project, although it is possible to read databases in another project. This module is only used by project PDMS administrator to create piping specification.

PDMS clash checking facility ensures clash freemodel to be generated to eliminate scope of error that could arise on sitewhile construction. Reports can be generated from PDMS to perform quality checkin design so unwanted errors could be avoided. 2D engineering drawings whichare produced using PDMS, forms sharing links to transfer information from Designoffice to Construction site.
PDMS stores all kind of data in respective Databasedepending upon type of data to be stored. Databases are created byAdministrator as per project requirements along with Users who will work onthose databases with required access rights.
PDMS is split into a number of Modules which areused at different stages in Plant Design Process.
Availability of PDMS Modules differ depending upontype of license agreement.
In following section, we will discuss about PDMSModules and their role/ Functionality in Plant Design Process.
1. Design Modules
Designis Main constructor Module in which Complete Chemical Process Plant is 3Dmodelled. User selects required components from available specifications andcatalogues and positions them as per engineering design. 3D model data isstored in Design database for individual site created. Design Module providesfacility to check elements for Clashes, Reporting to produce various designdocuments for quality checks, Material Takeoff and Preview of PipingIsometrics.
DesignModule has Applications which provides suitable functions to work on particulardiscipline. E.g. Equipment, Piping, Cabling, etc.
Spooleris used for pipework spooling. In this Module, Pipework design can be splitinto logical sections (i.e. Spools) which are ready fabrication. Spool data created in Spooler module can beoutput as Isometric Drawing using ISODRAFT Module.
2. Drafting Modules
Inthis Module, Fully dimensioned and annotated 2D drawings of 3D Model arecreated. Data required for creation of drawings is accessed through DesignDatabase while rest of data is stored in Draft database. Like Conventional EngineeringDrawings, User creates views to show particular area of 3D model in requireddirection. Dimensions and Labels are attached to design elements which arestored under respective view.
ThisModule is used for creation of P&ID, HVAC and Cabling Diagrams. ThisApplication uses AVEVA Design Platform GUI and Diagram Layouts are createdusing an Embedded Microsoft Office Visio drawing control. Data entered into this application is storedin Schematic Database.
ThisModule uses Diagram, Stencil and Template Path to create Diagram File. User needto select mode to work to create either P&ID/HVAC/Cabling Diagrams. Diagramfiles created in this module can be saved in binary format or XML format.
III.Schematic Model Manager
SchematicModel Manager is used to Import P&ID data from XML file into SchematicDatabase which can be viewed and Modified if required in later stage ofProject.
ISODRAFTis used to produce automatically annotated and dimensioned piping Isometricdrawings along with Material list for that pipe. User need to select fromOption file available for project working on, Option file can be customized tosuit company or project requirements by administrator. ISODRAFT provides optionto take MTO which can be saved to Text file for each Pipe, which can be later usedto generate Bulk MTO for Plant.
4. Catalogues and Specification Management Modules
This Module Used for Creation andModification of Catalogues which are referenced by Specification referenceof Component. Administrator is directly responsible forCatalogue Creation, Modification.
Component Catalogue normallyholds information about connection, Physical Shape, Obstruction and Boltingrequirements.
Paragon also stores specificationto be used for project, connection Compatibility information ofComponents, Material and Detailed description of components.

Catalogues must be setup properlyin order to avoid any errors in 3D modelling.
SPECONis Specification Constructor Module, which allows administrator to create ormodify specification to suit Project requirement.
PROPCONis property Constructor Module, administrator create or modify propertiesdatabase. Properties database hold information about properties of Componentand materials which may be used for stress analysis, calculation of weights,Centre of gravity for components.
5. Project Administration Modules
ADMINis main administrative module which plays important role in setting up Project,database creation, User Creation and access rights for Users. Depending Uponsize and complexity of Plant, Plant is divided into individual areas (either onbasis of Physical area or Design Area). It allows administrator to setup fonts, Moduledefinitions for Project.
Pdms sample project free printable
ADMINmodule provides important features which are useful for Project Maintenancesuch as compacting Database to reduce database size by removing unwanted data, Upgrading PDMS Projects when databasestructure changes.
LEXICONis used to create User defined attributes. Every element in PDMS has set ofattributes which can be set or read. Sometimes default attributes provided byAVEVA may not sufficient; in that case we may define our own attributes whichcan satisfy requirement which are called as User Defined Attributes. UDAscreated in LEXICON are held in Dictionary database. Administrator can choosetype of attribute, scope of attribute (e.g. Pipe, Equipment, etc.) and maximumvalue for UDA.
UDAsare prefixed with Colon (:) and treated in same way as that of defaultattributes when extracted to drawings or reports.

Pdms Sample Project Free Download

MONITORmodule serving as Entry point to PDMS whenever User starts PDMS. This module iscommonly used to query system status, Users, MDB, Databases, Teams, and Modules. BatchProcessing and messaging can be done in MONITOR module.
MONITORmodule can be used to change Project Password. Also, User and MDB can be changed.

Ifthere is problem in Project which prohibits another PDMS module to load,Monitor module will be opened automatically.

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