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post script drivers and ppds

Adobe Postscript Printer Software. Adobe PostScript Printer Driver v.8.7.3. Adobe PostScript Printer Driver is recommended for use with all Adobe PostScript printers, film recorders, and imagesetters. The driver features advanced functionality, such as support for all Adobe PostScript Level 1 and Level 2 products, EPS. Since 90's, adobe has provided a free postscript driver for users to download, so they can install a ps printer to their systems. Xerox workcentre 7228/7235/7245 postscript user guide 7 1 checking the postscript kit contents the devices and components of the kit are described below. PAGEMAKER 7.0 POSTSCRIPT PRINTER DRIVER ( Download Now. PAGEMAKER 7.0 POSTSCRIPT PRINTER DRIVER. Instead of the usual options box pagemaker seems to intercept and give its own set of options - which don't include what i need. Install the adobeps printer driver to create postscript and printer files in windows applications.

FreePostscript Printer Driver Pagemaker 7 Free Download

post script drivers and ppds

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Hi there,
I would love some explanation regarding post script drivers and ppds.
I have several customers who submit pages which I collect and develop into one 120 page pdf document for greyscale (black and white) reproduction on newsprint.
Most of my customers are running PageMaker and export their files to pdf from there.
I am having troubles with some of their files and the following is a note I have received from my printer:
Ensure the client is not using PDF writer PPD to produce the pdf files......
How do I do this and ensure my clients are using the correct driver?
Thanks in advance,
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