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MarleyTurned Segmented Turning Calculator 5.5 Valid Formats: Decimal.125, 2.5, or Fractions 1/8, 2 1/2 Project Name: Ring Number: Ring Height: Wall Thickness (measured segment width): What is this? Ring Diameter (outside diameter).

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Segmented Woodturning Software For Mac
Re: Segmented Bowl Software
Bob Way, Canton, MI

Best Segmented Woodturning Design Software

3/16/2006, 2:00 pm
Segmented Bowl Software (Don Emmerling)

Bob Way, Canton, MI
>Hi Don,
While you've likely found 5 or 6 software programs that will give the segment measurements, there are two in particular that allow a bit more flexibility with designing the bowls: Lloyd Johnson's Woodturner Pro and Bill Kandler's Segmented Project Planner. Segmented Project Planner has a routine that allows you to design feature rings and to paint your ring with the design element. The spreadsheet cut list will include the quantity, species, miter angles, and sizes needed to make the feature ring. Woodturner Pro doesn't necessarily have the feature ring design routine, but Lloyd has also produced a program entitled Lamination Pro that helps designing first, second, third generation laminates along the lines of Clarence Rannenfeld's book, and generating a material and cut list to make them. The designs from Lamination Pro cannot be copied into a Woodturner Pro project, but it's possible to use both programs in conjunction with each other to come up with a feature ring design and cut list.

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With all that said, not all segmented turners use or feel a need to use a software program to design their bowls and feature rings. The math is really not all that tough, and often times graph paper and some colored pencils can help with the feature ring design. And that is oftentimes my preferred method. However, in spite of the fact I'm married to a wonderful woman and talented mathematics teacher, I do find myself relying on those three programs as a major aid at times.

Bob Way

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Yes. Some of the most popular being Segmented Woodturning Design(,Turned Wood(,Woodturner PRO( As with most programs, they all operate a bit differently in their ease of use and ability to design what you want. Like most things, do your homework before you buy and determine which software is right for you and fits your budget. If you ask various people you will get varied answers, but I personally prefer the ease of use, high level of customer support and a wide range of design that Woodturner Pro affords. I am but one person with one opinion. Ask around and check out the web pages. And no, I have no financial ties to any of these software packages. Lastly, do a web search on segmented woodturning software as new products may have come on the market since this answer was written.

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