Sims 3 1.12 70 Patch Download


Supported game versions:
1.73.57, 1.74.59, 1.75.125, 1.76.81

EA numbers their The Sims 3 patches with three integers. The first represents the games' chronological release, the second is the order the patches have been released in and the third is the version of the patch, only used internally by EA. Since patch 1.12.7 for the base game and patch 2.7.7 for World Adventures are essentially the same patch, The Sims Wiki has chosen to name the patches.

Sims 3 1.12 70 patch download torrent

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Download Latest Sims 4 Patch

The WonderfulWhims mod consists only out of 2 files:
TURBODRIVER_WonderfulWhims_Tuning.package and TURBODRIVER_WonderfulWhims_Scripts.ts4script
If you have more, you’re doing it wrong.

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