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How to program the Baofeng UV-5R from a Windows 10 PC

Driver Installation

This driver will work with the UV3R and UV5R. Programming software so you don't need 2 separate drivers for the 2 radios. The UV3R and the UV5R transceivers WILL transmit on any frequency within the range (VHF and UHF) the transceivers are designed for. That mean, if, in addition.

  • Here you will find user manuals, device drivers and softwares for a wide range of our products. 2021-01-27 GD-73 v1.06 update package 2020-05-15 GD-73 v1.05 update package 2019-09-05 GD-73 v1.04 update package 2019-08-15 GD-73 v1.03 update package 2019-07-23 GD-73 v1.02 update package.
  • They only have one driver installation for Windows, and although I am using Windows 10 and you asked for Windows 7, they have this note:.Includes the following version of of the Windows operating system: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 8, 8.1, Windows server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10.
  • USB cable driver software (download and install first) For Windows XP: Baofeng-Driver-XP.exe 1,672,680 bytes For Windows Vista, Windows 7: Baofeng-Driver-Vista-Win7.exe 2,065,563 bytes. Download Baofeng Program zip files into a directory on your PC BF5RVIPv120725BFB291ENG(VB6).zip 2,606,989 bytes.
  • Driver download link: walkietalkiesoftware.com. 1) Find the corresponding driver of the system. 2) Click and wait for the download. 3) Click install and wait for the installation Come with the USB programming cable is only suitable for WINDOWS system. If you use an FTDI cable, it does not need to be installed with a driver. You can just plug.
I needed to make some changes to my Baofeng UV-5R memory settings. Doing that manually is very unpleasant, and I have a programming cable, of course.
It is this one, that is not even labelled, but works great. (Important to note: it does not have the FTDI chip)
The most important thing is to have the right driver installed. The adapter acts a serial interface adapter and needs a driver for that.
USB ID of the adapter
I googled the ID of the adapter. The nearest match was the CH340 from wch.com. The driver can be downloaded from here.
The programming adapter apparently has to be plugged in when running the setup (with Admin rights), otherwise the driver installation failed on my machine.
Successful driver installation
To confirm the successful installation, check your device-manager. There should now be a new serial port. Com3, in my case.
New Com-Port (3)
Once the programming cable is recognized as a serial port, we can proceed with the programming software

Chirp installation

Chirp is a fantastic piece of software that allows to program a wide variety of radios. Chirp can be downloaded from here. The daily build usually is the best version to use.
Chose the UV-5R
The serial adapter connects to the Mic/Speaker socket
I usually download the current setup from the radio, modify it and upload it to the radio.

Programming hints

It is absolutely not essential, but I like to see my name and call sign when I turn on the radio:
Power-on message
For normal ham-radio operation, these advanced settings work great for me:

Simplex programming

For normal simplex work, I use the old fashioned, wide deviation FM settings. That might vary from region to region.
Simplex Channel example
There are some unused settings here for the tone squelch. The important bit is to have the Duplex field empty.

Repeater programming

For the local repeaters, tone mode settings depend on your local requirements. Here is a very simple example for a 2m repeater:
Repeater example
The 2m repeaters in my IARU region have negative 600kHz offset for their input. This repeater doesn't need any tones.

Prevent transmission

Sometimes you might want to just listen in and be 100% sure you don't interfere with a service you have no license for. In that case, set Duplex to 'off'.
Duplex off = no TX
Uv5r Driver
If you press the PTT key, the radio won't transmit. An interesting feature for those not-yet holding a ham-radio license.


TIDRADIO TD-UV5R is a dual-band (VHF, UHF) versatile amateur radio. It offers 128 channels, you can add or remove channels from scanning list and give channels alphanumeric names via programming with a computer. With the enhanced capabilities of the UV5R radio, this Programming Guide will help you get a quick start to program the radio.

Preparation before Programming

1. Computer System Requirements

Manufacture Programming Software Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

CHIRP Programming Software Operating System: Windows 7810,

Windows 2000, Mac OS, Linux

2. Programming Cable

A.USB programming cable - The driver should be installed before programming.

Driver download link:walkietalkiesoftware.com

1) Find the corresponding driver of the system.

2) Click and wait for the download.

3) Click install and wait for the installation

Come with the USB programming cable is only suitable for WINDOWS system

B.If you use an FTDI cable, it does not need to be installed with a driver. You can just plug in and use directly.

1) If your computer did not automatically install the driver, you will need to update the driver to the latest driver

Download the latest FTDI driver at :bit.ly/driverfree

3. Software Download & Install

1) Turn on the computer, check if your computer system meets the requirements.

2) Download the manufacture software on walkietalkiesoftware.com or CHIRP software on bit.ly/tidradiosoftware

3) Install the programming software

4. Connect your Walkie Talkie with Computer

1) USB programming cable connects with the computer end.

2) Connect the other end of the cable with your walkie talkie.

3) When both ends have been connected, turn on your radio. Make sure it has

enough power during the programming procedure.

Uv5r Drivers

ERROR: Failed to Connect to the transceiver (Radio)

If it says it cannot connect to the radio - this means the cable is working but is not installed correctly into the radio.

Items to Check:

l Radio is turned on

l The cable is FULLY inserted (it can be deceiving but there is a double click)

l Hold the cable into the radio - some radios might not make contact without pressure

l A way to cheat - dampen the pins of the cable before pushing it into the radio. This will give a solid contact

5.How to choose your port?

1.Get into “Window Setting, then search Device Manager.

2.Open “Device Manager, and unfold Port (COM & LPT) to check the existing port.

3.Come with USB programming cable port is USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM?)

4.FTDI programming cable port is USB Serial Port (COM?)

UV-5R Manufacture Software Programming Process

1) Download and open the manufacture software. Click 'Setting(S)Port' and

then Confirm the port the same asthe port viewed by Device Manager,then click the ”OK” button.

2) Click the 'Read' button, then click 'Start' and ready to read the data from your radio.(Make sure the radio is turned on)

3) You will come to the parameter page and adjust the limited parameters (Channel, Band, RX Frequency, TX Frequency, CTCSS/DCS, Power, and Wide/Narrow, PTT-ID, etc).

4) Click 'Optional Features' under 'Edit', a page of 'Optional Features' will pop up,you can adjust the limited parameters (VOX Function, Squelch, Backlit, DTMF, FM Radio, Voice Prompt, Scanning, VFO Mode, etc.).

Baofeng Uv5r Drivers

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